Saturday, March 05, 2005


Formerly Homeless Post #1

Well, this is the first post in my Blog about homelessness in Canada. I live in Victoria B.C., and I work at a homeless shelter. I started my adult life at 15 (1985) by hitting the streets in places like Toronto, Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and all points in between. I spent about 6 years on and off the street before putting my life somewhat together (in about 1991). I went to the University of Victoria when I turned 26 (1996) , and spent a good 6 years getting a social sciences degree (psychology and geography) I have since volunteered at several places in the Victoria area, including the Crisis Line, The Citizen's Counselling Center, The Alano Club, and The Victoria Cool Aid Society. I recently used my geography skills to map out the city, and create routes for Victoria's first homeless count. At 35, I have spent enough time on both sides of the issue-- as both client and professional -- to be able to offer a lot to those interested.

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