Saturday, April 30, 2016

15 ways to stop click bait for good!

1.    Are
2     you
3     kidding
4     me?
5.    Clicking
6     will
7     NOT
8     help!
9      So
10     why
11     did
12     you
13     click
14     this
15     link??

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Want to Help the Homeless? Stop funding non-profits.

In case you are wondering where I went(not likely, I'm a pretty small fish) I have been destroyed.  My career fell apart somewhere around 2015, when the non profits I worked for decided I was too busy advocating for the homeless to be a "team player." I have come to hate them, (at least what they represent) and I wonder why I worked so hard for them all these years.  In truth, I was working for their clients, so it only makes sense that I would be thrown overboard when their policies were exposed to be harmful to my people.

Homeless people ARE my people, and I guess this became more apparent as I worked my way into semi-leadership positions.  I was not willing to have meetings behind closed doors, I was not willing to exclude those with lived experience, and I was NOT interested in playing the game. 

The world has changed.  I was too busy in the trenches to realize that a bunch of career-minded professionals were warping the very fabric of the agencies that at one point saved my own life.

There is nothing left of most of them, I'm afraid.  I call for a moratorium on donations to homeless causes, and a return to grassroots volunteerism and roll-up-your-sleeves hard work to save lives.  It is the only way to stop the bleeding out there.

Non-profits have lost their way. Period.

Look me up if you find this interesting.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Derek's Birthday Wish

Ok folks, I want you to listen carefully, because I may be trouble, but I'm a Sagittarius, so I'm probably right :) Besides, this is my birthday, and you decided not to buy me stuff, so you can at least give me a share or a like after I tell you my idea:

The Province, Faith Groups, Non-profits looking to "grow their brand", the Coalition to End Homelessness, The City, and every other stakeholder is moving quickly to house or shelter those 30 or so people on the Provincial courthouse lawn (The tent city you have been hearing about in the news).

And they will house them, you just watch them. This tent city story has gone viral, and leaders will be quick to stabilize the situation, the same crisis they have somehow failed to notice for a decade or so.  

Therefore, I will not waste my precious birthday wish requesting housing for this group when I know that so many egos are tripping over themselves to offer solutions. My wish is that once they have housed these 30 beautiful people (who are ALL legitimately in need of and wanting housing, Rich Coleman!) once they have spread all the photo-ops out to social media, once they are ready to walk away as they always do when the story dies...

...the next 30 people who are struggling to survive come and pitch their tents.

I hereby use my birthday wish to establish this lawn as the "Field of Justice," where those who have been marginalized to the point of life-endangerment can go to seek help, and housing.

By sharing or liking this post, you can support my idea. It would have been nicer if you had just bought me some cool stuff, but I'll take the consolation prize :)

Under such conditions, I estimate that the City will effectively end homelessness within 237.5 days, give or take a day depending on wind speed.